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Business and Management

Business and Management

Management of Technological Innovation in Developing and Developed Countries

Management of Technological Innovation in Developing and Developed Countries

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    In current times, innovation has gained tremendous interest as a strategic tool for business. For many industries innovation in business includes either digital or bio-tech. However, across most industries innovation covers both finance, and labor, and is a crucial towards achieving overall performance, although there is currently no formal innovation strategy. In this book, the topic of innovation in the corporate environment is taken into consideration and is placed into the category of a technology lifecycle version to better understand the innovation process. This book explores some commonplace versions of innovation, techniques for innovation, and evaluates genericized business methodologies of technology, providing a listing of possible study areas. Growing international demand for innovation in business activities, is intended to grow and provide international financial competitiveness, inclusively as an impact of cognizance regarding the results of economic growth on intake of resources and environment, which calls for layout of new styles of manufacturing and consumption. This book critiques the contributions of technology in modern day society and business.

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    Seyed Ali Fallahchay, Ph.D, has International experience in academia and industry. He received his Ph.D in Business Management from De La Salle Araneta University, Philippines. He earned his Bachelor in Engineering of Industrial Forestry from Islamic Azad University, Iran. He held professorial positions at Raffles Design Institute (Indonesia), University of Mansford (California, USA), and several universities and colleges in Philippines. He also managed his manufacturing business in Philippines during the period of post-graduate studies. Further, he had held university administrative position as Senior Program Head Administrator and Director of Research (Philippines).