Social Linguistics And Literacies

  • Publication Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781774076262
  • Price: $155
  • Publisher: Society Publishing
  • Binding Type: Hardcover

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Social Linguistics and Literacies is a handy companion of beginners in purposefully studying about the basic theories and concepts of literacies and sociolinguistics. Knowledge of these two broad fields is especially necessary toward achieving success in attempting to understand the role of language and language learning in the social life of different cultures. Paired with introduction to literacies, this book offers useful insights that may guide teachers and other adults who aim to educate children to communicate effectively and to interact with people from diverse social backgrounds. Emphasis is placed on language and literacy development of English language learners, and on writing as among the most critical communication processes being taught in schools.

This book uses simple words to help clarify the complex ideas behind social linguistics, applied linguistics and literacies. World issues such as literacy in developing countries, literacy and gender, and how organizations promote social linguistics and literacies are discussed with supporting examples from research, which language leaders, teachers, business individuals and other caring adults could benefit from.

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Rowela Salazar Basa is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education with specialization in English and Master of Arts in Education in the same field at the University of the Assumption, Philippines. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate at the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas under the program of Doctor of Philosophy major in English Language Studies. Her teaching career began at the Don Bosco Academy Pampanga as a Junior High School faculty. After three years of service, she continued teaching in the Public School. She is now in her fifth year as Senior High School Master Teacher II at the Information and Communication Technology High School.

An advocate of lifelong learning, the author is passionate in language education and in the total formation of her every student. She believes that every teacher is not only a consumer of information but more so, as creator of knowledge through research. Her research interest is focused on Sociolinguistics, World Englishes, and Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE).